Harley H. Puthuff

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  • What I can do for you...
    I have many years of experience in Server/System Administration for Unix and Linux. I currently manage a network of Linux (CentOS & Ubuntu) servers used for my hosting customers.
    Six plus years using PHP-5 (OOP) in both server-side & CLI roles. Developed several extensive class libraries providing a range of services and abstractions. Have also developed sites using the Zend framework environment.
    Eight plus years using Perl 5 in both online (CGI) and command line (CRON/shell) roles. Developed many Perl packages (.pm) using OOP and class extension.
    Many years of experience coding JavaScript. Everything from simple form validation thru complex, interactive applications such as online calculators, analysis, etc.
    Four plus years using jQuery with several plugin libraries. Have developed jQuery plugins when needed. The nice thing about jQuery is that you can almost always find an open-source plugin to provide a particular control or effect.
    My interactive sites use AJAX in order to enhance the user experience. I also use JSON as the means of exchanging data. I've done both server- side creation of finished html and client-side creation of html from JSON data provided by the server.
    Eight plus years using MySql, MariaDB, MySql Workbench and phpMyAdmin. I've also worked with SQL server and Oracle database but most development has been with the MySql environment.
    I don't use a visual editor like DreamWeaver to develop pages. Most of the time I write html and css directly in my IDE (NetBeans). Thus, I am very experienced with hand-coding for html and css using web resources for color tables & other reference data.
    I am experienced with software version control using GIT and maintain a repository on GitHub.
    I have installed, configured, customized and maintained many open-source software packages such as CMS packages, Blog software, BBS software, CRM packages, etc.
  • What I've done...
    This project is my latest and greatest. I developed this "home" page years ago for my personal use back when the Web was just getting popular. It keeps all my bookmarks and frequently used sites instantly available. Shown here is the latest incarnation which uses Javascript+jQuery, css+bootstrap, PHP with my own special class library and extensive AJAX for support pages. It's fully compatible with desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.
    This page is a great example of interactive JavaScript. I originally developed four financial calculators for a mortgage broker client and then combined all of the functionality into a single calculator which can be included into any page for any site. The calculator is a single JavaScript file (.js) which is simply included into a page at the point where it is to be displayed. No function calls or setting variables needed, so it can be used by any level of developer.
    This site is an interactive moving cost calculator I did for a carrier in Chicago. It's written in JavaScript using a container page and an embedded frame for the step-by-step process. This calculator produces the results and then feeds a quote management system on the backend written in PHP and used by sales agents to correspond with prospective customers.
    Much of what I do involves administrative and/or private pages for use by the site owner or agents. As such, these are usually password-protected and not available for viewing by the public. I do, however, have a .PDF project book which contains screen shots for some of these web applications. The file is fairly large--about 2-3MB.
  • The Basics
    Where I live: San Antonio, Texas, USA
    Citizen of: USA
    My phone: 830-708-0180
    My E-mail: hostmaster@yourshowcase.net
    Personal Website: http://harleyputhuff.com
    LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/harley-puthuff/b2/847/481
    GIThub repo: https://github.com/hputhuff/
  • What I'm looking for...

    I work on programming and sysadmin projects because I enjoy them. I still spend a part of each day managing my own cloud servers for Your Showcase and doing custom programming for my long-term hosting customers.


    I work from my home, actually my ranch, in Texas, USA. I have a complete array of both Windows and Linux workstations that I use over my fast Internet connection to work with servers and projects around the world.

    I'm looking for interesting server networks and programming projects where I can provide a significant contribution, either as a solo contractor or a member of a virtual team.

  • Where I've worked...
    2015 - 2017:
    Linux Systems Administrator for Rackspace, Ltd., a large cloud host.
    San Antonio, Texas
    2010 - 2015:
    Systems Engineer for Telecom North America (telna)
    Henderson, Nevada.
    2002 - present:
    Administrator, developer and hostmaster for Your Showcase, my hosting operation.
    San Antonio, Texas
    Server administrator and site development for Access Port, an ISP.
    Santa Rosa, California
  • Programming examples...

    These are just some representative examples of the kinds of programming and languages that I use. For a more complete repertoire, check out my repo on GitHub.

    This example is a php class that is actually part of my large PHP helper library. I developed this as a way of standardizing the handling of dates. The design criteria was 'anything in--standardized out'. That is, I can construct an object for this class with new Date("7/6") or with new Date("2010-07-06 10:24:00") and get the same standardized Date object. Once objectified thus, there are methods for comparing date objects, moving a date object by +/-nn months/years/days/hours/etc., producing legitimate format strings representing the date and a terrific method that builds html/javascript for selecting a date(+time) in a web form and returning an internal (MySql) date format (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss) in the POSTed data.
    This Perl package I put together to use as an alternative to Lincoln Stein's CGI.pm. The CGI.pm package is almost 200kb in size and I wanted something much smaller that still included the basic functionality necessary for CGI programs/scripts. So, this smaller class (Cgi.pm) includes CGI input processing--including multipart-forms data, html headers, cookie processing and a few other things.
    This JavaScript file contains a mortgage calculator class/object and methods for embedding a multi-functioned mortgage calculator in a page. It can be inserted into any page and give it interactive financial capabilities.
    This is a Java applet I wrote for a mortgage broker's site. It presents a graphic depiction for financial indices data (Prime,COFI,Libor,etc.) over a variable period (in years). The total applet consists of this file and about half a dozen separate class files for the various objects used in the display and contained in a JAR file.
  • Some References
    Thomas Hernandez, my former manager • Rackspace • San Antonio, Texas

    Carol Clark, President • DigiDentist • Placerville, California
    http://www.digidentist.comcarol.clark@digidentist.com • 530-334-3736

    Herve Andrieu, Manager • United World Telecom • Delray Beach, Florida
    http://andrieu.usherve@andrieu.us • 702-371-3798

    Ray Irving • Professional Practice Sales • Bodega Bay, California
    http://www.ppssellsdds.comray@ppssellsdds.com • 415-899-8585

Welcome to
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If you have any questions or would like to talk further, please don't hesitate to contact me.

by email at: hostmaster@yourshowcase.net

by phone at: 830-708-0180

Looking forward to hearing from you !

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